I have had the opportunity to interact with Sanchez Investigation services on a few occasions as they have protected communities that I have been apart of. They have always been extremely professional and all interactions I have had with their officers were positive and productive. I was recently afforded the opportunity to interview the co-owner for my criminology project. Thank you so much Sanchez Investigation services!

Sarah Casias

The company I work for hired Sanchez Investigation Services about 6 months ago after several vandalism to the property. As the office manager, I was tasked with finding a company who was able to meet our needs. After several interviews with other security services, my boss and I met with Mr. Sanchez and his business partner. They were very professional and really listened to our needs and concerns. They came up with a plan for the services their company could provide for us and at a reasonable fair price. After hiring Sanchez Investigations we had a situation where someone turned off the power to our building and within three minutes of being notified, Mr. Sanchez arrived on scene to check the area. Having Sanchez Investigations and their team patrolling the the office has really given myself, my boss and the staff members an immense amount of peace of mind. The quality of service we have received with them has been beyond my expectations and I would recommend their company to anyone who is looking for professionalism, quality service and prompt response.

Tiffany Ball

I’ve had the privilege of having Sanchez Investigation Services for the past several months and it has been a wonderful experience. The objective of a security service is to be a presence against crime and mischief and they are excellent at this. Not only can I count on their diligence with providing their service, they are also amazing at checking up with me periodically to make sure my standards are being met. Very personable and respectable company.

Mike LeMoine

As a small business owner I have rotated through 2 of the “big named” armed response and protective services in Albuquerque with very disappointing results. They seemed to only care about “signing me up” and then forgot about me.

As a result, I was hesitant when Marcos and Mizel came to my office. However, I quickly saw that they had something that the others didn’t… they actually seemed to care.

I took a chance on them and could not be more happy with their security services. They continually are stopping by to check on me and my team. They give me updates of what is happening in the area and what they are doing to deter threats. They even got to know my family so that if we ever have an issue my wife and kids can feel comfortable calling them.

If you are looking for security services or armed response in Albuquerque I can highly recommend Sanchez Security Investigations. The difference in the level of service I have received from them compared to others is night and day. These guys actually care about you and your business.

Thank you guys for helping keep us safe so we can focus our energies on building our business!

Charlie LeBlanc

I am a property manager and this service gives us peace of mind for our property and the safety of our tenants. I would highly recommend SIS to anyone trying to keep crime away from their property.

Carol Anaya

We began using Sanchez Investigation Services, LLC on January 01, 2018. They patrol our location from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. Since employing Sanchez Investigation, our vandalism problem has stopped completely. It has given our staff at SouthwestRe real peace of mind.

Marcos Sanchez and Mizel Griego are very professional and personal. Every morning Mr. Sanchez emails me a daily shift report. They stop by a couple of times a month just to check-into make sure our needs are being met.

Highly recommend Sanchez Investigation Services to anyone who wants confident and reliable security services.

Zac Snyder

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