Armed Security

We Specialize in two Uniform Specialty Armed and Unarmed Agents

Our armed agents are at the highest level of security certification. This consists of New Mexico State and fire arms training by certified state or federal instructors. These certified agents provide protection services throughout all services such as:

  • Residential and commercial alarm response
  • Active patrols
  • Standing agents
  • Threat mitigation/workplace violence
  • Executive protection
  • Personal escorts and Armed transport

At SIS, we hand pick and choose top agents to fit your needs to your services and level of protection.

Armed agents services are first responders to all client properties such homes, businesses or commercial properties. We will observe, assess and monitor to resolve any situation or issues that are arising in a highly professional manner.

Security Services

  • Active shooter
  • Bomb threats
  • Workplace violence
  • Residential and commercial armed response
  • Any emergency evacuations

Our armed agents can prevent:

  • Loss of injury persons or property
  • Losses of liabilities
  • Property damage

The Advantages of our Armed Agent Services

SIS provides a notable value by our armed agent services. We are an extension to your properties to insure all safety measures and self-defense purposes. It will save time and money to have a piece of mind.

At SIS we can build a contract that will fit your needs.

Your safety is our commitment.

Contact us to get started.

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